The HiDALGO2 CoE, Strasbourg University, and EuroCC Germany are collaborating to organize a hybrid event on Urban Building Modeling and Simulation, Visualization, and Computing on 28 March 2024.

This one-day lecture course provides a brief introduction to Dynamic Energy Simulation (DES), followed by a simulation workflow and the latest developments of HiDALGO2. Participants will learn how to create Building Energy Models (BEM) from 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) geometry, with an emphasis on refining physical models to closely replicate real-world building behavior.

Moreover, this course offers a unique opportunity to delve into two specialized aspects of simulation technology: the simulation of daylight for architectural applications and the use of light transport simulation. Through the lens of light transport simulation, which harnesses ray tracing algorithms, attendees will gain an understanding of its dual utility in creating photorealistic images from numerical 3D models and visualizing volumetric data fields, crucial for scientific visualization. Furthermore, the discussion will encompass the evolution of light transport simulation in tandem with the capabilities of modern GPUs, now equipped with RT cores.

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