EuroCC2’s national competence center in Sweden (ENCCS) is joining forces with the Wallenberg Centre of Quantum Technologies (WACQT) and the Nordic/Baltic NordIQuEst project to deliver a three-day autumn school covering the fundamentals of quantum computing (QC). The school is planned to take place from 25-27 October 2023 at the Chalmers Conference Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden. In addition to in-person seminars and hands-on sessions, the school will also be broadcast live for online participants. These participants will have the opportunity to actively engage in the school through live Q&A and chat. Places are limited, so it is crucial to register as soon as possible.

Recent developments in quantum technology are bringing the world closer to a new technological revolution – the advent of usable quantum computers able to provide enormous acceleration to critical computational tasks. In the coming years, quantum computing is expected to significantly impact many research areas that can utilize computational modeling.

The school will cover:

  • Introduction to key concepts: quantum states, qubits, quantum algorithms.
  • Overview of the main QC hardware approaches.
  • Overview of the QC software stack.
  • Integration of QC with classical computing: hybrid classical/quantum algorithms and HPC-QC systems.
  • QC programming in high-level languages for use cases in optimization, finance, life science, and quantum chemistry.

Morning lectures will be combined with afternoon hands-on sessions where participants learn to use high-level QC programming languages.

Participants in the school will be given access to LUMI, the third-largest supercomputer in the world, and Helmi, a 5-qubit quantum computer using superconducting qubits that is connected to LUMI. For the hands-on training sessions, it is desirable to have basic familiarity with Python and some experience working in a Unix environment. Previous experience with quantum computers is not necessary.

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