On 19 April 2024, HPC Serbia participated in The Power of Data conference, which was organized by Hewlett Packard Enterprise operated by Selectium in Belgrade. Dr. Antun Balaž, the deputy director and research professor at the Institute of Physics Belgrade, presented the role of HPC in academia, the EuroCC 2 project and EuroHPC JU, and provided insights on the successful collaboration with HPE in the development of the PARADOX cluster.

During the conference, the Schneider Electric Hub development center in Serbia presented successful projects with the HPE team operated by Selectium. "It fills me with immense pride to note that our collaborative efforts are not only contributing to Schneider Electric Hub global business initiatives but are also enriching the scientific community and research endeavors in partnership with the Institute of Physics Belgrade through the utilization of HPC technology. I eagerly anticipate the prospect of exploring new opportunities and further expanding and strengthening our partnership. Our shared commitment to innovation and progress is the cornerstone of our success, and I am excited to see where our collective efforts will lead us next," said Ana Radošević, the director of HPE operated by Selectium.

During the keynote session, Mihajlo Jovanović, Minister of Information and Telecommunications in the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and State Secretary Milan Dobrijević presented Serbia's impressive progress in digitalization and discussed the country's national priorities and future expectations. Christopher Hill, the US Ambassador in Serbia, spoke about HPE's incredible journey, investments, and achievements in Serbia over the last 22 years.

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