NCC Czechia is hosting a two-day online workshop on fundamental quantum computing algorithms and their implementation in Qiskit. The workshop will take place on 6-7 March 2024. By joining this course, you will learn about the rapidly growing field of quantum computing. You will acquire basic but essential knowledge that will prepare you for the future of quantum computing. Stay up-to-date with the latest technologies available and join us on the quantum wave!

Quantum computers are based on a completely different principle than classical computers. The aim of this course is to explain this difference by showing how basic quantum computing algorithms work in practice. It is focused on the theoretical foundations, mathematical description, and practical testing of the resulting quantum circuits on real quantum computers and their simulators in the Qiskit environment.

As this field has been undergoing hectic progress recently, new research results are constantly being published. It is impossible to cover all these new developments in a short-term course, so this course contains just the fundamentals.

The concept of quantum entanglement will be briefly introduced and explained, along with examples of its applications (e.g. quantum teleportation). Lecturers will focus on an explanation of the principle of quantum superposition and its implementation in several quantum algorithms (Bernstein-Vazirani, Deutsch-Jozsa, Simon's, and Grover's). The second training day will include the quantum Fourier transform, and practical examples will be presented (quantum phase estimation, Shor's algorithm).

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